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My background, my approach

More about me and my approach

I’m a California native who’s long been smitten with my home state’s beaches, mountains, deserts, cities, picturesque small towns, and yes, our incredible native plants and yes, those majestic cypress trees.

My career journey took me from corporate training to financial data sales — and then, like those cloverleaf interchanges you see in L.A. or the Bay Area, I took a long convoluted turn and ended up as a sustainability writer, storyteller, editor and communications consultant.

As someone who could be embedded within your communications and marketing teams, here’s what I offer:


The perspective of someone who’s been on the editorial and public relations sides of communications. As an editor who was pitched to for years, I know what works, what doesn’t, and what won’t quite move the needle enough.


My storytelling has often been ahead of the times, whether it’s showcasing the sustainability work from an unsung corner of the Middle East; highlighting how companies have addressed the challenges surrounding racial justice long before May 2020; and discussing sustainability in a way that is inclusive and second-nature, rather than preaching to a very niche audience.


As someone who’s been tasked with conceptualizing, planning, delivering and executing communications strategies, I understand a formulaic approach doesn’t necessarily work anymore — I can see the forest from the trees, or shall I say, the conditions and timing that’s needed so your communications strategy turns stands out akin to those oft-mention cypress trees. I’ll help you let those stories branch out.


I can turn to a library of content that I’ve developed over the years and work with your communications and marketing teams to help fill those gaps: content writing, ghostwritten articles, web copy, sustainability/ESG reports, social media copy, white papers, case studies, press releases, email pitches, and more.

Bottom line, I will work with your team so we can all adapt with the times.

Like the cypress tree, adaptability isn’t an option; it’s the only way to for communications teams to thrive.


Look at how we’re all consuming content differently; 10 or 15 years ago in a coffee shop, we were hunched over our laptops; several years later, our phones; now, take a look around and see how everyone is seated at their tables. Hint: coffee’s in one hand, the phone in the other, the thumb is making that scrolling motion. Yes, I’m taking about TikTok, Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts, and no, they aren’t just watching cute kitties (Thank you, Meta and Twitter algorithms).

How you need to define success for your organization’s communications is changing.

Stubborn fact: For every editor, journalist or writer out there, at least six public relations or communications professionals are jousting to funnel story ideas to them.


We’re not only communications or public relations professionals:

We have to be storytellers.

That’s right: We’re talking a 6-to-1 ratio.

Your challenges isn’t necessarily the message. It’s about how you are defining a “win” in the first place.

It’s time to redefine that win. And that is where I come in.

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