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Why Cypress?

Cypress trees are an enduring symbol of California, my home state. The Monterey cypress in particular defines the area where I’m originally from: in fact, these trees were originally limited to a few small areas along the Golden State’s central coast.


These trees have since spread to other parts of the world, but here in California they are a symbol of resilience. They are tolerant and can even thrive in poor soils. Once they grow, Cypress trees are a formidable sight: They can soar as high as 90 feet tall, boast a canopy as wide as 70 feet and their trucks can reach 6 feet in width.


The very sight of a cypress tree evokes strength, versatility, endurance and legacy — not to mention the branches that reach upward from its core in all directions.


Visualize the appearance of a Cypress tree as similar to what we seek as communications professionals: to not only support and help build the organizations and brands in which we believe, but have our stories branch out, spreading the news about the successes of our companies, nonprofits and clients.


We want to stand out, we are determined to show that we can do it differently, and in the end, we want our efforts to showcase our organizations’ good work successfully.


To that end, Cypress Communications and Storytelling will help.

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