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Social Sustainability

Too often, we forget the "S" in sustainability — And that's a mistake

We’ve long been aware about environmental sustainability: Our natural resources are finite, the math clearly shows we can’t keep relentlessly emit carbon into the atmosphere, and excessive consumption hurts the planet and people.


But how companies affect people, i.e., social sustainability, is a factor many of us still overlook. But that is changing — and here’s why:


Many surveys and more research have shown that the younger generations and consumers are very conscious about social sustainability — and expect companies to respond in kind.


Across the globe, from Europe to Japan, more nations are enacting regulations that are pushing more companies to be transparent about their human rights performance. Whether or not similar legislations passes in the U.S., if your company is doing business in these markets, your executives will need to take action.


The evidence suggests consumers, especially younger ones, want companies to take a stand on social issues. Discomfort is no excuse for inaction.

(Yes, that's my dog, Whiskey, giving you the side-eye.)

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