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Cypress Communications + Storytelling

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KX Strategies!

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Strategic Communications Advisory

With 14 years of experience in the strategic communications and storytelling space, Leon Kaye and CS+S are ready to work with you

so that your organizations' work stands out.

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An Introduction

We’re living and working in an era vastly different from just a few years ago.

Technology has redefined how we’re living and working — and for better or for worse, the pandemic rewrote all the rules.


Among the rules that have changed are how companies communicate what they are about, what they do, and how they’re changing the world. Business is now more than about maximizing shareholder returns: Consumers expect more from our institutions including companies, and younger people want to know that the companies for which they work (and on which they spend) aren’t just generating profit, but also purpose.


Here’s the difficult part in communicating your company’s social impact and purpose: Media is fragmented, how we all consume information is fragmented, and aligning on goals within a company is often fragmented.


Here’s what everyone wants: That magic moment when information about a new initiative, product or strategy germinates and grabs the attention of the media, your stakeholders, your potential partners, and of course, the general public.


It’s an elusive moment, but the chances are your organization already has the fundamentals in place. It’s just that the timing, and the messaging, have got to be exactly right. And how we define success matters, too: It might be time to redefine your expectations.


This is where Cypress Communications and Storytelling comes in.

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